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Security Solution

Network encryption + Access control + Data encryption + Safety + Convenience

Mobile Device Authentication Solution (One Pass)

Interlocked SITE Authentication Request > One Pass App calling(Failure → App Installation URL pop-up) > Confirmation of Registration(No Registration → One Pass Registration) > Authentication Center Access > Authentication Center Access > Delivery of Authentication key > Result of Authentication > The Process after Interlocked SITE Authentication (Warning message > Conclusion Process)

Network Secure Solution:High performance Network Secure Solution(CipherEngine) - Korea distributor

  • The best performance network secure solution that completed limitation and current weakness of IPSec when it works.
  • The basic configuration of CipherEngine is installed to MAP and KAP consisted of software in the center(data center), then generates secure authority and key. And, it distributes to each equipment (PEP) placed in network.

1. MAP : Management Authority Point. 2. KAP : Key Authority Point. 3. PEP  : Policy Enforcement Point

CipherEngine Solution = Secure Polocy(MAP, KAP) + Secure Equipment(PEP)

SAP ERP DB Secure Solution (CardSecure)

  • Support the similar operation speed before the secure and after the secure
  • Almost no need to modify SAP standard Application
  • Unnecessary change of DB construction (schema)
  • Choose the newest tokenized technology

SAP Servedr:RFC - Non-SAP DB:HTTP,HTTPS,TCP/IP - CardSecure(Token DB Server):Hardware Security Module

  • Install the PPS Transport File on SAP server
  • Install the DMM (Data Masking Module) on Non-SAP DB
  • Install the CardSecure App and Token DB on CardSecure Server, Manage the Token and secure data in Token DB
  • Hardware (HSM) or S/W secure Key management
  • 3DES, AES algorithm use

DB Secure Solution (CoreGuard)

Coreguard is the total Data secure solution that encodes data, blocks the important data spill through the access control, and protects system integrity.
KEY Benefits
Protection of personal information through the data secure
Provide Data access control based on user authentication
Data protection from the inner administrator through the authority separation of administrator
Protect system integrity

VORMETRIC : Database Cache, RDBMS, Vormetric Agent, File System