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Financial Solution

On the basis of the know-how through the diverse experiences, PRIXMEDIA suggests specific consulting solution in various field of GA foundation plan, establishment of Action plan, GA service innovation, GA operation strategy, etc.

ANY ERP, ANY TAMs, ANY DBMs, ANY Insight, ANY Mobile


Commission management Provide a commission accounting function as individual and as insurance company
Human resources Provide a human resources management function (user registration, appointment, history management, etc.)
Statistics management Provide an index management function that is sales record and incomplete sales.
Contract management Provide an information maintenance checking function (contract inquiry, contract list, maintenance list, etc.)
Customers management Provide client’s personal information, anniversary, contact record and contract history.
Plan Activities Provide current record compared with periodical goal, objective establishment, inputting an activity and checking.
Board Provide a company sharing information as per level (board, data, documents, etc.)


Variable Asset management System, manage each insurance company, product, joined fund in based data.
Function : _recommended portfolio,    _ reporting fund return,    _customer investment tendency Tool


Database management System at financial trade
Function : _DB division management,    _ Current DB monitoring,    _ DB Statistics _Supply management,   _ Distributed DB inquiry

ANY Insight

Decision making system on RIA
Function : _management index monitoring through the dashboard,   _Dynamic data reporting,   _ main management information reporting, management meeting data

ANY Mobile

Any ERP Mobile Version ; Offer Basic ERP function, CRM, Media education, Financial design, etc.

The Example of Solution Configuration

All services are operated by using stable data center that manages the financial information, and will construct the sales management that sales manager uses for the desktop, and sales support function that the planner uses for the mobile.

Exterior I/F > Data center > Sales management, Sales Supports > User(PC, mobile)

System Architecture

User(http server) > Financial planning / Sales management / Commission management system(WAS / http server, x-internet / web) > Legacy(Future),Life / Indemnity insurance Company(Future),DB Server