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PRIX B2B Solution

PRIX B2B Solution constructs integrated system that covers whole business area considering of customer’s enterprise distinctiveness. The Solution provides one to one, one to multiple, and multiple to multiple services. Also, it provides from analysis, planning, construction, design, operation, to marketing by only one solution.

Buyers + Logistics system + Supplying Cooperation + Order payment System + ERP > B2B Solution > Sourcing,Marketing,Ordering,CRM+Analysis,Inventory

Applicable Field

Integrated purchasing agent system   /   Enterprise shopping mall   /   Closed mall (shopping mall for special client)   /   purchasing relation system   /   SCM   /   Network ordering system

Application Example (Daihan Science Integrated System)

본사 admin + 공급자 SCM + SAP(ERP)물류시스템 > 대한 톻합시스템 > B2C Mall + B2B Mall + 구매사 GroupWare System + B2B MRO + Mobile System