service:다년간의 경험과 전문지식을 바탕으로 최적의 해별 방안 제시


PRIXMEDIA’s Outsourcing Service is that the management and operation of customer’s management information system, ERP, Groupware etc. on basis of professional industry knowledge and ICT knowledge. We offer and operate the Application efficiently and stably. We’ll serve the best technology in the industry by creating customer centered service model and offering the Total Solution, so we’ll lead the ICT service.

case_1:Application Operation - Manage the business application (e.g. management information system, ERP, groupware etc.), Maintenance, Renewal service.
					case_2:Service agency - Design service, establish system, and operate by PRIXMEDIA’s professional employees.
					case_3:System management - Manage the risk occurred from complex business model integration, and total integrated management system.
					case_4:Financial Solution - Manage all kinds of financial products, commission, human resources, and etc.

The example of Outsourcing – Online Movie Ticketing System

Based on service professionals, PRIXMEDIA outsourcing service provide specialized system and service to construct and operate.

TF configuration > Establish a strategy of Planning, Marketing > Connected Partnership > Constructed System as each part > Linked System > Service Operation / Management

Movie Booking System Information