service:다년간의 경험과 전문지식을 바탕으로 최적의 해별 방안 제시


The consulting is the service that suggests the best solution on the basis of the ICT knowledge and various industry professional knowledge, after analyzing the current management and problem. On the basis of several year’s experiences, PRIXMEDIA creates management results through the technical skills and standardized methodology with customer’s information system innovation.
“Business Consulting” analyzes customer’s circumstance and problem, then suggest new business model. “Specialized Consulting” suggest the solution about the management issues. “Solution Consulting” offers the service through the ERP, SCM, CRM, Mobile App, etc.

Business Consulting:Analyze  Customer’s circumstance and problem, then suggest new business model + Security Consulting:Construct security system encompassed all system + Solution Consulting:Construct total integration system on basis of ICT solution

Business Consulting

After testing an informatization level of Enterprise, we plan the informatization, analyze client’s issues, and create the new business model. The business consulting is a service that suggests a management result through the redesign of a current business, new process definition, and new system construction

1.Service Configuration : Market Analysis & Planning>IT Investment evaluation>Architecture Management>Service Configuration>System Construction>IT Operation. 2.Business Consulting : IT Planning, IT Asset Management, IT Operation, New Business System Construction, New Service Market Analysis, Informatization level Test

Security Consulting

With next generation’s IT security technology, security consulting is the general service that offers stability review, data encryption, DB security, ready to BYOD, device authentication, and network management.

Access control-Network encryption-Data encryption-Device Authentication-Secure of stability

Solution Consulting

The solution consulting secures and protects the business information and IT infrastructure, and prepares an opportunity to consist new system of keeping pace with change of enterprise value. For the business optimization of Enterprise, solution consulting constructs the enterprise resource planning system that redesigns human resources, sales, stores, distribution, and accounting.

Enterprise Business Analysis > Solution Consulting:IT Governance,System Construction,Process Definition,Process Operation > Maintenance