Prixmedia:Accepting Changes actively, and Challenging Continuously with Professionalism


"CAPP" is every PRIXMEDIA employee’s code of conduct as well as core value that takes customer’s current and future needs into consideration.

CAPP : 1.Challenge(Challenge continuously to be the best expert in the IT field.) 2.Active(Think problem realistically, and solve that with active and convergent mind.) 3.Passionate(Accept changes of IT and business environment actively, and always think positive.) 4.Positive(Make an effort to achieve the purpose with passionate mind.)

Management philosophy and management objectives
Management Philosophy Management Target
1. Faith and Communication management
Establish the trust through the close communication.

2. Humanism management
The organization for the human, all results are decided by human.

3. Customer-focused management
Connect to the impression in accordance with customer’s thinking and value.
1. By the best technical skills
Make efforts to the best by the professional mind and strong responsibility.

2. By the ahead thinking
Develop ahead thinking earlier than global awareness.

3. By the wider perspective
Get out of the confined view, and see the world by the wider perspective.