Prixmedia:Accepting Changes actively, and Challenging Continuously with Professionalism

Prixmedia Overview

PRIXMEDIA was established in 2003, started business of mobile contents, and settled the business through the construction of movie ticketing system. So, PRIXMEDIA could make opportunity of progress with these. PRIXMEDIA was developed by specialized movie ticketing service steadily, expanded the business of financial solution, Security solution, and open source DB. Through the steady expansion of business and growth, PRIXMEDIA qualified as the ICT LEADER, and is proceeding to lead future.

Storage System + Cloud Solution = Open Source DB, Security, Finance ERP Solution, IT Service, SI Solution, Mobile Solution

Main Projects

  • Renewed the web accessibility of KT Ollehclub movie ticketing service (Now Operating)
  • Contracted distribution with sTec(HGST) Enterprize
  • Re-developed Melitz insurance Mobile Application
  • Supplied SkySQL to SKP, Nexon, TicketMonster
  • Constructed GA total system to Happiners
  • Supplied SkySQL to Gyeongsangnamdo Education Research & Information center / Government of Gyeonggi Province
  • Developed GA commission system of Prudential Life Insurance
  • Developed movie ticketing web accessibility (WA certification)
  • Supplied A+ Asset video conference system
  • Constructed integrated system of DAIHAN Scientific / Korea security association
  • Supplied SkySQL to Samsung SDS / Samsung Electronics / KaKao Talk / Daum communication
  • Contracted to operate CGV movie ticketing phone plan
  • Contracted SkySQL with Management office of Driver’s License Examination / national medical center
  • Supplied IBM S/W to the ministry of land & infrastructure
  • Supplied web firewall to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering / Nexen tire
  • Constructed ERP system of GS Homeshopping asset management center
  • Managed nuclear medical total information system
  • Constructed Samsung galaxy tab application pilot
  • Started to opensource business
  • Merged AnyFP , started GA ERP, financial solution
  • Contracted to operate KT movie ticketing red carpet service
  • Supplied “Assetpine” DB management system
  • Human Resource System Establishment in Government of Gyeonggi Province
  • Constructed matter processing system of Supreme Court
  • Constructed SKbroadband VOIP system
  • Contracted to be the sole Distributor of Network Secure Solution
  • Contracted business cooperation with Supreme Court management system
  • Opened KTF SHOW movie ticketing service RIA page
  • Opened RIA of KTF SHOW movie ticket booking service
  • Constructed “Hanwha Chemical” e-mobile sales system
  • Developed “Assetpine” website and accounting system
  • Operated K-merce movie ticketing service (KTF)
  • Supplied Okcashbag financial plaza accounting system
  • Supplied TFCB accounting system
  • Developed KTF movie ticketing service (KTF/CGV)
  • Developed and operated CJ CGV website
  • Launched KTF SHOW membership movie ticketing service
  • Developed CJ systems P/G (KTF/CGV)
  • Supplied Mobile GIS solution to Uzbekistan
  • Supplied mobile illegal parking management system to ward office
  • Supplied waterworks facility management business of Seoul
  • Contracted to operate the KTF K-merce booking service
  • Developed and offered KTF.COM movie ticketing service (KTF/CJS)
  • Operated CGV online system (CJS)
  • Installed based network N/W equipment in the MIC
  • Constructed e-government IP interlocked business
  • Opened KTF K-merce mobile CGV cinema ticketing service
  • Developed CJS MMS service/ CJS play reservation system
  • Developed mobile illegal parking management system in Seoul
  • Constructed Radio broadcasting system of the MIC
  • Contracted K.merce movie service joint operation (“KT Freetel Co., Ltd.”)
  • Developed ERP extension System in the Ministry of Information and Communication(MIC)
  • Developed CGV Point system (“CJ Systems”)
  • Supported LGT LBS Development Service
  • Contracted to offer the information of mobile movie preview service (“KTF”)
  • Contracted to offer the information of mobile movie preview service (“Daum”)
  • Managed KTF TEST CENTER service
  • Developed Mobile Comic Contents
  • Established PRIXMEDIA Co., LTD