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Cloud Service

PRIXMEDIA Cloud Solution Overview

PRIXMEDIA Cloud Solution includes IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) solution, SDS(Software Defined Storage) and SDN(Software Defined Network) virtualization solution. Besides, we offer SSD Hardware of sTec(HGST) and speed improvement acceleration solution(I/O Boost). We can make system maximize performance.

Storage Virtualization : The best optimal storage virtualization system on the cloud environment. / Network Virtualization : Virtual Network Infrastructure (VNI) separation system for maximizing network usage. / I/O Boost Solution : Speed improvement Acceleration solution for I/O BottleNeck of Data system on Flash Memory / Cloud Infra Test Tool : The world approval Test Tool for the Cloud and Virtual environment.

PRIXMEDIA Cloud Solution Application Field & Configuration

We offer the solution that can deal with Cloud service, Virtualization, Stable Infra construction of Enterprise Applications, Big Data, and the consulting for speed improvement of the exiting system infrastructure .

Cloud Infrastructure, Virtualization, Enterprise Applications, Database Acceleration, BigData

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