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SSD Storage Line-up

SSD Flash Storage
s3000 series
Advanced solid-state storage appliance
s3000 series is an advanced storage subsystem for organizations of any size with new levels of performance, reliability, availability, and scalability. Suitable for heterogeneous environments, virtualization, various applications, private Clouds, and data enters.

The operating system of s3000N is nexentaStor, and s3000W is running on Windows Storage Server 2012.
Use Cases & Benefit
Use Cases Benefit
Server Virtualization / Cloud Infrastructure Improved performance, reduced query latency
Virtualizatiuon/consolidation enabler
VDI Reduced infrastructure cost ($/VDI) Eliminates boot storm
BI / DW / Analytics (Hadoop, NoSQL, “in memory” analytics) Decreased query response time Increased concurrency and throughput
Media Real-time access to high demand shared assets
High Performance Computing Accelerates wide range of I/O-intensive HPC applications

Hardware Appliance

Single - or dual-head units
① Two 8-core Xeon E5-2680
② 128 GB memory
③ Dual-mirrored boot drives
④ 4x 1G ports
⑤ Up to 6x 10G Ethernet ports
⑥ Up to 4x 8G Fibre Channel
Up to 48 SAS SSDs / 96TB
High availability
① Dual-head units
② Redundant HBAs and SAS paths
③ Redundant hot-swap power supplies
④ Redundant hot-swap fans
⑤ No single point of failure

Starting Configuration

Single Head Unit with
① Two 8-core Xeon E5-2680
② 128 GB memory
③ Dual-mirrored boot drives
④ 4x 1G ports
Single Drive shelf with
① 8, 16, or 24 SSDs (8 packs)
② 800G or 2TB SSDs
“Windows Storage Server 2012” with s3000W Or “nexentaStor” with s3000N


2nd Head Unit for redundancy
2nd Drive shelf with 8, 16, or 24 SSDs for additional capacity
High speed interfaces
① 2, 4, or 6x10G Ethernet ports per Head Unit for iSCSI or NAS interface
② 2, or 4x8G FC ports per head unit for Fibre Channel interface (s3000N only)

s3000 series models

s3000N : SSD Storage running nexentaStor
① Block Interface: iSCSI + Fibre Channel
② File/NAS Interface: Primarily for NFS, also support SMB
s3000W : SSD Storage running Windows® Storage Server 2012
① Block Interface: iSCSI
② File/NAS Interface : Primarily for SMB, also supports NFS


s3000 series의 Specification
Hardware s3000W s3000N
Storage Appliance    
# of Head Units 1 or 2 Active-Active 1 or 2 Active-Active
# of Drive shelves 1 or 2 1 or 2
Each Head Unit    
CPU Two 8-core E5-2680 Two 8-core E5-2680
Memory 128G 128G
1G Ethernet Ports 4 4
10G Ethernet Ports 0, 2, 4, or 6 0, 2, or 4
8G Flbre Channel Ports 0 0, 2, or 4
Total # of 10G + FC Ports Cannot Exceed 6 6
Total # of SAS Ports to Connect to Drive SHelves Six Quad-6G SAS
Power Supplies 2 Redundant Hot-swap Power Supplies
FANs 5 Hot-swap FANs
Boot Drive Two Mirrored SAS Boot Drive
Each Drive Shelf    
IO Module Two modules
Total # of SAS Ports Six Quad-6G SAS
#/Type of SAS Ports Per IO Module 3 Quad-6G SAS
#/Type of Drives 24x2.5" SSDs (Dual Port)
Type of Drives Offered 800G or 2TB sTec Enterprise SSDs (eMLC)
Power Supplies/FAN 2 Redundant Hot-swap Power Supply/FAN Modules
s3000 series의 Specification
Software s3000W s3000N
Operating System Windows Storage Server 2012 NexentaStor
Block Level Interface ISCSI ISCSI or Fibre Channel
ISCSI Volume Expansion  
Primary File Level Interface SMB NFS
File Level Interfaces Supported SMB-2, 2.1, 3.0, NFS-v2, v3, 4.1 SMB-1.0, NFS V3, 4
SMB Direct, Multi-channel
NAS Scale Out
NAS Volume Grow/Shrink
Raid Levels Supported - Single Head RAID-0, Mirror, Single Parity RAIDO, Mirror, Single, Dual, Triple Parity
Raid Levels Supported - Dual Head RAIDO, Mirror RAIDO, Mirror, Single, Dual, Triple Parity
Deduplication Technology Post Process In-line
Deduplication Affect Performance No Yes
Thin Provisioning
Branch Cache
VSS Support
s3000 series의 Specification
Performance s3000W s3000N
SMB 3.0    
4k Random Read (IOPS) 1.2 Millions  
4k Random Write (IOPS) 603,000  
1M Sequential Read (MBPS) 8,342  
1M Sequential Write (MBPS) 5,544  
4k Random Read (IOPS) 341,000 265,000
4k Random Write (IOPS) 292,000 114,000
1M Sequential Read (MBPS 8,154 6,783
1M Sequential Write (MBPS) 3,429 3,213