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SDS (Nexenta)

SDS Nexenta Overview

Nexenta Storage Virtualization Solution is based on IN-BAND, Appliance solution. It is the perfectly appropriate storage virtualization system to cloud environment, and is very independent from storage manufacturer because of supplying path partitioning and standard architecture.

Storage based on Appliance

  • Ultimate Operational Flexibility : Storage Architecture makes it simple to reallocate storage capacity as customer demand changes. Runs on commodity hardware, enabling service providers to expand capacity rapidly by simply adding more disks and SSDs or upgrading processors, without hard limits and the replacement costs of legacy systems.
  • Safe Data Relocation : Scalable software-only approach removes the barriers to rapid scaling, allowing providers to adjust service offerings quickly and easily to respond to competition and market demands.
  • Simple Storage Management : Design back-up and disaster recovery plans that take advantage of NexentaStor’s ability to replicate storage and VMs rapidly, implementing NexentaStor plug-ins to replicate across appliances and sites as needed.

SDS Nexenta Benefit

Efficiency, Flexibility, Suitability

Technical Features

  • Supports the Unified Storage (NAS, SAN) that is economical and flexible
  • Archiving / Back-up & Recovery
  • Optimized for the Unified Storage
  • Copy-on-Write+Internal RAID-Z
  • Auto-CDP (Continuous Data Protection) : Remote Mirroring
  • Auto-Sync : Data Replication function between storage systems
  • Auto-Scrub: Periodically check Data
  • Auto-Snap: Management of snapshots, providing regular multiple period scheduling
  • In line Compression
  • De-Duplication
  • Non-Disruptive Volume Grow
  • Thin provisioning