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SDN (Plumgird)

SDN Plumgird Overview

PLUMgrid : Network Virtualization, Reliable Redundancy

Network Virtualization : 1.Separation of Virtual Network Infrastructure (VNI) : PLUMgrid Platform comes provisioned with PNI(Physical Network Infrastructure) to use Network optimization. 2.Users connect virtual functions in topologies that best suit their application requirements. 3.PLUMgrid Platform enables users to create, clone and migrate Virtual Domains, all on-demand. / Reliable Redundancy : 1.Build a simple and no-downtime disaster recovery solution. 2.Move your Virtual Domains and services with a click. 3.Eliminate the need to create identical primary and disaster recovery networks. 4.Reduce time and costs : Dramatically reduce time and costs by enabling seamless, virtual workload migration.

SDN Plumgird Benefit

Productivity, Simple, Security

Technical Features

  • Creation of On-Demand Virtual Domain
  • Separation of Virtual Network & Physical Network
  • Data Center automation and virtualization
  • Create, Copy and Migrate Virtual Domains
  • Self-Service Provisioning in User Virtual Domain
  • Reliable Redundancy
  • Create Virtual Domains to replicate your physical data center networks for development, test, and UAT
  • Bring all features available in the Physical Network Infrastructure into the virtual world